Friday, August 1, 2014

Superman Stamps and Postcards

Here are the newest Superman stamps from Canada Post!

The 5 stamps on this Souvenir Sheet showcase the evolution of Superman’s image throughout 75 years of comic book appearances. The illustrations come from:
1939: Superman #1, cover drawn by Joe Shuster
1945: Superman #32, cover drawn by Wayne Boring
1971: Superman #233, cover drawn by Neal Adams
2004: Superman #204, interior image drawn by Jim Lee
2012: Superman Annual #1, cover drawn by Kenneth Rocafort

These postcards feature designs from some of the most memorable comic book covers of the past 75 years!
1939: Superman #1, drawn by Joe Shuster
1939: Action Comics #13, drawn by Joe Shuster
1986: Man of Steel #1 Special Collector’s Edition, drawn by John Byrne
2004: Superman #204, drawn by Jim Lee
2012: Superman Annual #1, drawn by Kenneth Rocafort

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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Harley Quinn with Knockout Punching Glove

It's Harley Quinn from the Adventures of Batman and Robin.

Action Figure: Harley Quinn
Series: Adventures of Batman and Robin
Brand: Kenner
Year: 1997
Condition:  New in Package

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Mr Freeze with Firing Ice Blaster

It's Mr Freeze with Firing Ice Blaster!  Still new and in package is this Mr Freeze from the Batman Animated Series produced by Kenner in 1993.  Fill the launcher with water and propel the ict projectile or just hose down Batman with water alone.  Figure is approximately 5 inches in height.

Action Figure:  Mr Freeze
Series: Animated Batman
Brand: Kenner
Year: 1993
Condition:  New in Package